my name is George Hernandez.

I'm the heart, voice, and pen behind SelfInquiryMeditations.com. Over the span of two decades, I've traversed a path that many of you might be walking right now.

From this journey, I've gathered insights that could resonate with many. I do not position myself as a teacher and have never aspired to be one; instead, I see myself as a fellow traveler.

Through shared experiences, I offer a fresh perspective on the spiritual journey, which I'm passionate about sharing.

While I've never been one to lead as a teacher, my passion manifests through my writings. Over the years, I've crafted offerings that are 100% free , including blog entries, inquiries, articles, tips, methods, and ebooks. Each creation has been an insightful beacon in this journey. If you wish, you can visit my blog at the bottom of this page, along with my Facebook page.

By a twist of fate, I stumbled upon a UNIQUE approach to spirituality that has brought immense clarity and peace into my life—a peace I once only read about in books or heard in teachings.

It marked a profound CULMINATION for me and several others I've shared it with. I've captured this essence in a guide, hoping others might find similar clarity.

In the near future, I plan to offer this guide across various platforms and discuss in podcasts. However, I truly believe that everyone should have access to these insights. That's why I've priced it at just $27.97, a modest sum, especially when you consider the potential impact. You can find the link at the bottom.

That said, if finances are a concern, please reach out to me (here in my blog, in this section: selfinquirymeditations.com/contact/. Each month, I allocate a certain number of free copies for those who may find the cost prohibitive. It's essential to me that this guide remains accessible to EVERYONE!

Whether this guide becomes your final compass or merely a resting stop on your journey, I have a heartfelt word of advice:

"Though intellect and reason may guide you, they are not the torchbearers of your journey. Beyond words, beyond the most profound insights, it's the hush of silence, inner stillness and the gentle pulse of a quiet loving heart that truly light the way".

Such an approach will clear the fog on your path home, irrespective of your understanding, conditioning, or state of consciousness. Through these clearings, we discover our unique path, voice, and means of expression.

Writing has always been my chosen medium, intertwined with the profound silence of listening. The very idea that my offerings might pave the way for your moments of joy, peace, and clarity is my deepest inspiration.

The guides I share, are heartfelt invitations to join me on what might be the pinnacle of your exploration.


George H.

"The seeker is more important

than the sought."


In the vast dance of life's grand play,

Your story holds its unique sway.

Not through the void or shadows cast,

But where joy and simple beauty last.

This happiness, not a fleeting dream,

But a quiet river, a gentle stream.

Deep within, a glow does reside,

Ever present, never to hide.

Release notions of who you might be,

And discover the essence, pure and free.

In that quiet space, deep and vast,

Find your truth, forever to last.